Throat Swabbing for Strep Thoat

Most sore throats are caused by viral infections or allergies.  Which we can help with.

 However if your child has Strep Throat,  (caused by the streptococcus A bacteria), then an immune system reaction can be triggered. This reaction is known as Rheumatic Fever. There is no way to know who's Immune System will react like this, but the more times a child has Strep Throat which goes untreated, the more likely they are to develop Rheumatic Fever

When Rheumatic fever occurs, the immune system attacks its own body – particularly the heart. This can result in permanent and life threatening damage to the valves and tissues of the heart. Maori and Pacific Peoples 4 – 19 years of age, and those living in poor economic conditions are more likely to get strep throat that progresses to rheumatic fever.

Ngatea Pharmacy provides throat swabbing free to all 4-19 year old Children (especially important for Maori and Pacific children) across the Waikato District presenting a sore throat.

 If a child gets a positive result for the Group A streptococcal infection, Antibiotics are prescribed by our Pharmacist free of charge and symptomatic household contacts age 4 to 35 years can also be swabbed.

If any children in your family have a sore throat that you are concerned about, or you would just like to know more, Call us or use the Contact tab at the top of the page.

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