Anticoagulant (Blood Thinner) Consultations and Education

Starting on Blood Thinner medications such as those listed below can be Daunting!


Dabigatran (Pradaxa)

Rivaroxiban (Xarelto)

Our Pharmacists can provide you with all the important information you need about Blood Thinners and your lifestyle to ensure your  therapy is effective and safe. 

Some blood thinners require alot of testing, some do not. Whichever one you are on, we can provide you with a consultation when you are started  and give you on-going advice and support according to your needs . Ask any questions you may have and bring a support person to absorb the information too if you like! We can even print it off for you to take home.

Sometimes if you have been on it for a long time, or you have a family member on this therapy, an education session never goes amiss.

Many patients qualify for a free consultation, if not, a $50 fee applies.

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