School Sores and Eczema Treatment

We are incredibly lucky at Ngatea Pharmacy, and we are one of only a few Pharmacies in the Waikato region that are able to provide free consultations, education and information for families, and products including creams and dressings to treat and manage the following skin conditions in Children aged 2 to 16 years within our communities.

It is important we use these services so the DHB can see how much need there is in our areas.


This is a common skin infection caused by bacteria. The infection causes blisters on exposed parts of body, such as hands and face, especially around the nose and mouth. The blisters burst and turn into a sore with a yellow crust.

School sores are very common in younger children, and spread easily within households or when kids play at school.

Open sores, whether painful or not, with a yellow crust, can be assessed by our pharmacist.  They can decide on  appropriate treatment which may include creams, dressings and written information for the family.

This is a FREE service.


Eczema is a common skin condition in children.

Eczema is patches of dry itchy skin that become red. In children eczema is common behind the knees and on arms, hands, neck and face. Sometimes children stop getting eczema when they get older.

Itchy, Dry skin in children can be assessed by our Pharmacist. They can decide on appropriate treatment which may include creams, dressings and written information for the family to manage Eczema.

Families can then continue to come back for follow ups to check in and maintain the skin in a healthy state (as it tends to flare up) as often as needed.

This is a FREE service.


If you or anyone you know may benefit from this service, and are interested in more information.,Call us now or use the Contact Tab at the top of the page.

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